Behind The Scenes- RadUncle

A little backstory... I met Tony Milano, the rad mastermind behind RADUNCLE, at a coffee shop in Venice. He's one of those people with electric energy, the kind that draws you in and makes you happy to be in their presence. In addition he's the proud parent of the 2 cutest kids in the universe. 
The concept behind RadUncle is extremely inspiring. It's founded on the principle that everyone is a miracle! Life being a smorgasbord of experiences and overtime one becoming their dream if they can create consistent platforms to allow them to continue in their RADness. RadUncle's purpose is to help create those platforms. Rad wasn't built in a day.. A place where heros train, dream, live big, live bold and live simple! ..........................

The shoot took place at Tony's sick pad in Santa Monica, the officially launch site of RAD. The street that Tony lives on is where skateboarding first began. This is the very hill Tony Alva & Stacey Peralta use to bomb back in the 70's. Pretty Wild!
The theme- Bohemian All Star
Seriously the most fun I've ever had at a shoot... It was a party! We were painting, skateboarding, jumping on cars and dancing. 

I was even able to talk a new friend into dancing with me.... But I needed a few lessons first
I met the most amazing individuals. 
It was lovely meeting you Michael Stackhouse(the best Dj ever),
Jackie Steward(thanks for the dance lessions), 
my fellow models: Hailee Hinds, Brandon Bobby Booshay and Jeffery Smith. 
Shannon Terry, you're awesome man. 
Photog Brooklin Rosenstock 
And last but not least the lovely Malika Sqalli. The 2 pics below are a couple shots she snapped. You can see more of her stuff at ....she's incredible!