Yacht Parties, New Cars and Living on the Beach!

I should start off by saying I have a full time job. I am by no means rich. I'm just an average girl in my 20's with a strong craving to actually LIVE. 12 months ago I decided to make a list of things I'd always wanted to do. It's crazy what can happen when u decide to make shit happen.

20 things-12 months

#1- Party on a yacht

My first yacht party!

#2- Do something completely spontaneous

I made the decision (mid-night road trip to Phoenix), packed my bag, took a shower and hit the road. I was so pumped that I didn't realize how fast I was driving..102 in a 65 zone. I was pulled over and received my first speeding ticket... It was $900!

#3- Get a passport

#4- Use my passport

F-ing Paris! Yup, Paris. The #1 place I've always wanted to go I can now say I've been:)

#5- Go snowboarding

My first time snowboarding EVER! Unforgettable experience. . . And I wasn't half bad for a beginner:)

#6- Disneyland with the girls

Made complete with alcohol...who knew Disneyland was more fun as an adult=)

Happy birthday Kat!

#7- Walk the Red Carpet

I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2, the last Twilight movie. I'm sure I will be mocked for admitting this but... I'm a HUGE fan.

#8. Buy a new car

I bought my dream car (well the affordable version at least).  The only 3 door car ever with a rear view camera, navigation, USB outlet for jammin, sunroof/moonroof, push to start completed with America's best warranty. Oh, It. Is. Love!

Thinking about getting a paint job. What do u think? Should I do it?

#9- Plant a tree

Something I've wanted to do since I was little so I volunteered with Tree People. The event was sponsored by Disney. I met cool people and enjoyed a delicious free lunch. Overall it was a very fun 

Sunday afternoon

. . .

#10- Start writing a book

Yes, I started writing a book...stay tuned;)

#11- Road trip

The goal was 1. I did 8! EIGHT road trips in 12 months. Most in my new ride. Ahhh the memories. 

#12- Break into Fenway

This year I feel in love with Boston. I wanted to do something to remember my first trip so the girls and I broke into Fenway Park. Shhhh. Go Redsox!

#13- See my favorite artist live

One concert ticket and one plane ticket later I'd made it to Chicago to see my favorite artist live...Mason Jennings. He grew up with Jack Johnson and there's just something about his voice that touches me. I'm listening to him now and getting to meet him was a highlight of my life.

#14- Live by the beach

For my birthday month(may) I subleased a friend's room by the venice canals which was only a block away from the beach...and let me tell ya, watching the sunset on the ocean every night is heaven on earth. 

#15- New Freekin York


cupcakes and wine(disguised in coffee cups) on time square as the clock strikes 12... Happy birthday Casey!

Rubbing the bull for good luck

#16- Go surfing

For years my favorite magazine was surfer mag. And I've always had a soft spot for surfers...yummmm. I finally took my first class. I was miserable. But I'm not ready to give up just yet... New list item(surf Hawaii)!

#17- Go to a Dallas Cowboys football game

I had no idea how expensive the tickets are! But I had 3 reasons it didn't matter. 

1. Years ago my uncle played for the cowboys

2. My sister was a die hard fan.

3. I loved the cheerleaders! I watched their show and had to see them live.

#18- Hilarity for Charity

Hilarity for Charity

is an awesome, one-of-a-kind, and most importantly, hilarious event to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s. This year they even had a performance by the backstreet boys. I never though I'd see them live or did I think I wanted to see them live, but I'm extremely glad I got to because THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!


#19- Vegas

What happens in Vegas.....

#20- Start a BLOG

Thanks for reading... Love u, mean it