Travel Roulette-A day in the Bay

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I don't know about you but there have been many days when I had to drag myself outta bed to go to work. On these days I dreamt of driving to the airport and getting on the next flight. I didn't care where it was going I just wanted to go! Thursday morning I decided to do just that. Fortunately I had the day off =)

The only thing I brought with me was my overnight bag and Sofie(my new camera from Paris).

I was beyond relieved when I discovered the next flight was to SAN FRANCISCO. . . The last time I was in the bay area I was 10 and I've dreamed of going back ever since.

Immediately upon arrival I yelped a place to stay. I found a charming B&B.

Parker Guest House.

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After touring the place I showered and got ready for my date with the city

Again I went to yelp to find a superb place to enjoy my dinner. I found Quince.

To say this place was fancy was an understatement. I was a little disappointed when I discovered the menu was

exclusively tasting menus. Mainly because I was starving. Due to my excitement I'd forgotten to eat all day. I wanted something more substantial than a few plates of tiny food..... NINE courses later I bit my tongue. Not only was I stuffed but I had just savored the most flavorful bites ever.

After dessert I exhaustingly headed back to my b&b. I flipped through a Rolling Stone's mag and almost immediately passed out.

I woke early to soak up some sunshine by the bay ... In 24 hours I'd been on 2 planes, enjoyed a nine course dinner in a new city, relaxed bayside and still had time to get some pleasure reading in. This day had been a very excellent day!

But please don't forget.... When you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair=)