Luggage Obsession

*** Warning - This post may make you want to buy new luggage***

How exciting is vacation?! I mean it's the best, right? I love taking trips. Short trips, long trips, pretty much anywhere:) Trips have gotten even more exciting after receiving the absolute coolest luggage on the planet!! It's seriously like vacation starts as soon as the packing starts. I use to dread packing but now as soon as I book my trip one of my first thoughts are "Yes! I get to use my suitcases". . . Before you think I'm crazy take a look at this amazing James Bond style luggage from Rimowa. They offer the most unique sizes that you can't find anywhere else.  The titanium is super durable and sure to keep your belongings safe and dry. It comes with built in customizable lock codes to unsure you luggage is secure. My favorite part though is the fact that this insane luggage doubles as a chair. So whenever you need to take a break or are stuck in line you don't have to sit on the floor or worry about finding a seat, you've got one. . . And last but certainly not least are the wheels. They as so unbelievably smooth it's insane. 

Pineapple shirt from - Ily Couture

Safe travels my loves

Xoxo, Kali