Red, White & Pink

I don't know what to write. I guess I could say that I love Valentine's Day. But that's only half true. When I'm single I normally feel left out of the love club. I love romance, special dinners, gifts and anything that has to do with getting just a little "more" love than usual. So, naturally I feel sad that I don't get to participate in the "mushiness" of the occasion. But then I think back to all of my Valentine's Days I was lucky enough to be in a relationship ... let's just say I was never impressed. I'm suddenly reminded of being in high school and seeing girls carrying bears larger than themselves from class to class. Or the one's unable to carry their books because their hands were full of long, beautiful roses or huge boxes of chocolates. I was never one of those girls... But for some reason I really like Valentine's day. I like that you can literally feel the love in the air. I like that the entire country is a bit more romantic, even if only for one day. I love the colors. Red, White and pink. They seemed to be everywhere. Call me super girly but being surrounded by a bunch of red and pink really brightens my mood. I feel happier. And I love feeling happy.

Sweater by WILDFOX - - - - -

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day.  I hope you have a wonderful day whether your plans are a special date night, fun friend time or a relaxing solo with a couple of movies and snacks. Enjoy your day and try to look for extra ways to make yourself a little happier than usual. I love you guys and seriously I mean it.

Xoxo, Kali