Paris Day Two

I blissful awoke to another beautiful, sunny day. While attempting to beautify myself I had a dreadful misunderstanding with my euro adaptor and killed my straightener:( Bummed and still exhausted from major jet lag, I threw on my favorite hat and decided to cheer myself up by enjoying a double espresso in a Paris coffee shop.

bon appetit - Pasta for breakfast

Paris is so clean and luxurious!

Musee du louvre!!!!

"Honey, can you move that over just a little to the left?"

can you imagine hanging this in your house?

how would you even get it inside?

This, by far, is the biggest painting I've ever seen!!!

the most famous painting in the world! I can't believe how small it was. Oh mona lisa, mona lisa!

It was the most life changing, eye opening experience of my life. I've never seen anything as beautiful. I learned sooo much and my mind was truly blown!

And if it wasn't the best day of my life yet... I was giving the royal treatment during dinner at LeJulesVerne, the restaurant inside the Eiffel tower. Usually reservations require a year advance, however my hot date for the evening was "kind of a big deal". Because of his celebrity I promised to keep him anonymous, but I can say he's tall, sexy, extremely successful...and single of course!!!

Although the food looked better than it actually was, the view was exceptional and the dessert was sublime. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

To top off the night we went to Le Bristol for drinks, the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen. Apparently they charge a whopping $2,000/night. If you ask me, it's worth it. The staff was the most attentive and courteous I've ever seen, and the bathroom doors automatically open for you! CLASSY

*If you've seen the movie Midnight in Paris, this is the hotel they filmed at.

Two moscow mules in tin cups later I was ready to end yet another lovely evening in Paris! This had been the very best day of my entire life!