The Travel Lust List

Until a couple of years ago I didn't see travel as an option for me. I was barely making enough to get by. Plus, I didn't have a crazy urge to see the world. However, there was one place I wanted to see. PARIS! I'm a sucker for romance and Paris is the most romantic city in the world. I was fortunate enough to make it there last year and it changed my life. As Gustave Flaubert once said, "I am not the same having seen the stars shine on the other side of the world". Here are my top 5 places I'd like to go before I die ... not particularly in this order...

  • Greece. +Stay at St. Nicolas Bay -
  • Phuket, Thailand + stay at ParesaResort -
  • Venice, Italy
  • Australia + stay anywhere =)
  • London - because after a while all beaches start to look the same;)

What's on your Travel-lust List?