My Endless Summer Party

Hi my loves, 

Last Sunday I had a little get together to say goodbye to summer the right way. With mimosas, painted pineapples and a fun Photo Booth. Since I've gotten so many questions about the pineapples I'll start there.


What you need- Pineapples, Paint, a paint brush, plastic grocery bags and tarp or something to paint over

1st- Put down your tarp(I used paper bags that I cut up). Wrap a plastic bag around the pineapple only leaving the leaves out. This will keep any paint that drips from getting on the pineapple.

2nd- With a brush paint the leaves. I only used one #12 brush for all four large pineapples. I just rinsed the paint off(while the paint was still wet) in-between uses. Paint wise I used Martha Steward acrylic paints. She has some really fun bright colors in her collection. After one coat I found that I could still see the green leaves so I mixed the acrylic paints with a couple of left over, home depot samples, of paint that had primer already mixed in them. The colors I had were a light pink and a turquoise. This isn't necessary, I just wanted the extra bold look. If you're interested, the home depot paint samples are around $5 each. 

Let them dry and you're done! It was an easy project but a bit time consuming. I put on Netflix and drank wine while I painted and I'd totally recommend doing that. The 1st pineapple took the longest. I didn't time it but I'd guess between 15-20 minutes. The others took about 10-15 minutes each. Make sure to take size into account as well. The bigger and longer the leaves the longer it will take.  . . . . . . . . .Okay, okay enough about the pineapples. It's photo booth time!!!!

I decided to make another photo booth this time around and I'm glad I did. I love quick easy projects and this was definitely that! The pic above is from when I first put it up a couple nights before the party. 

Here's what I used-  A seamless paper backdrop, 3 silver party curtains, beach balls, moving tape and push pins. 

1st- I put up the blue photography backdrop using push pins.

2nd- I put up the party curtains over the blue paper. I used the push pins that were already up so I didn't have to put additional holes in the wall. 

3rd- I blew up beach balls and other fun beach/pool floats

4rd- I used white thread and tied it around a few of the push pins that were already up.

5th- Using clear movers tape I taped the beach balls to the hanging thread I put up. My only suggestion would be to wait until a couple hours before the party to tape up the fully blown up beach balls. I think when the air slowly releases from the balls (naturally) it causes the balls to slip down and once that starts it's harder to keep them up.  . . . . . . . . . . . Below are a few Photo Booth pics from the party

Now let's talk about drinks. I love, love, love mimosas. Love! So when I discovered these yummy champagne toppers (pictured below on the right) at bev mo I was over the moon. Below is how I set up my "cocktail mixers bar" the night before the party(no, I didn't leave the drinks unrefrigerated over night)... In the morning I cut up fruit(lemons, limes, raspberries, strawberries and nectarines) and some rosemary to put in those glass containers for cocktail garnishes.  

If you want to see a fun little video I put together of the party --> 

...If you're a bit upset with me for posting summer party tips on the last day of summer(I get that that does kinda suck). . .remember just because Sept isn't officially considered summer it's still really hot. You don't need a calendar to allow yourself to throw a summer party. That's what the Endless Summer's all about! So be crazy, be bold. Throw a summer party anyway!!!

Xoxo, Kali