Malibu Farms

Malibu, Malibu, Malibu. I live about 20 minutes(or 2 hrs with traffic) from Malibu. It's gorgeous. After dining at Nobu a few days ago I knew I had to take another little day trip to the BU immediately. The beauty always surpasses my expectations. Although this wasn't my 1st time in this miraculous city, before this week it had definitely been a while. 

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This day was one of those days that makes you stop and really see the world around you. I was astonished that there was a paradise so close to me that I forgot existed. I forgot how beautiful Malibu is. And truthful this was my 1st time visiting since I moved to Venice. It awoke a desire inside of me to explore locally more. I've been wrapped up in daydreams of traveling to far away beaches when there is so much to see right where I am. What beauty is right in front of you that you've forgotten about? Discover it. . . Let's do this :)

Xoxo, Kali