Helicopter Tour of LA


As some of you already know from my instagram, I took a helicopter tour of LA last week. I promised to start sharing more of my life with you guys so I when I booked my helicopter ride I decided to also collaborate with a photographer. A few months ago while surfing Youtube I came across a channel that I instantly became obsessed with. . . ESCAPE WITH WOLVES. Like Busy Lovin Life, Escape with wolves is also about inspiring others to live their dream lives. What really moved me was the way the escape videos seemed to really bring me along. I enjoyed the adventures they brought my daydreams on:) So when deciding on a photographer, Cameron, the main photographer from Escape with Wolves, was of course my very 1st choice.

The reason I wanted to take a helicopter ride was because I wanted to see my everyday life from a different point a view. A new point of view. . .  As kids our minds are constantly alive. Every day is a beautiful new experience. We don't have to remind ourselves to be curious, we just are. As adults we lose our fresh outlook on life. We have to remind ourselves to explore. If we don't we tend to do the same things everyday, see the same things everyday and that just becomes our lives. . .  I don't know about you but I crave a different kind of life. 

As Cameron and I were on our way to the airport the helicopter company called to tell us it was raining there. Out of the 10 rainy days in LA apparently I was unfortunate enough to pick one of them. This initially really bummed me out but it ended up working because the clouds gave the sky a bit more character:) We arrived at the airport a bit early so we took a few shots around the landing strip. 

And before I knew it it was time for takeoff!

Cameron and I decided to shoot with the doors off which normally would have been incredible but because it was such a cold, rainy day it probably wasn't our best idea. Imagine being in a helicopter flying through the air at least 120MPH with no doors on. Needless to say, we were freezing by the time we landed.

I really enjoyed my 1st helicopter ride. Next time I want it to be sunny and I want the helicopter doors on.

I hope this post inspired you:)

Xoxo, Kali