Hawaii BDay Trip 2015 - Day 3

Hi my loves. Here are some pics from My 3rd Day in Hawaii. They are some of the most fun pics I've ever taken. Hope you like em:)

Let's talk about my outfit. This romper made me feel so... good. It's just so fun and flirty. It couldn't have been more perfect for the trip. Romper- Stone Cold Fox. Sunglasses- Fendi. Flower crown and pineapple-Hawaii:)

I found this really cool temporary hair dye mousse that I tried out and LOVED it! Having pink hair was really fun!!! And it was super easy and quick. All you do is apply it to your dry hair(using gloves). And blow dry it dry. It took less than 10 minutes. If you wanna try it this is what I used ... BEYOND THE ZONE COLOUR MOUSSE. They sell it at Sally's beauty supply(which is where I bought mine) and it's only $5... Score!

I kissed a dolphin! And I liked it. 

Aloha, babes

Xx, Kali