Exploring Santorini

Being in Santorini can make you feel like you're on top of the world.. and in a way, you are. I arrived just in time to witness the sunset from the island's beautiful village of Oia. I took in the breathtaking view until the last bit of sun disappeared into the ocean. Immediately afterwards I glanced over to discover a carrier sent by my hotel. He threw my bags over his shoulders and lead me to my hotel. I was beyond relieved because the cobble stone streets and multiple stairways made rolling my heavy bags seem like an impossible endeavor. Arriving at my hotel moments later, I settled in, grabbed dinner and almost immediately passed out.


The next morning I awoke before sunrise itching to get out and explore. Around every corner I found a new view, new colors to fall in love with and fresh cobbled streets to discover. The way Santorini feels is almost more amazing than it's breathtaking views. There are many places I've yet to travel but I can't imagine anywhere else feeling like Santorini. It's hard to describe unless you've actually experienced it for yourself but it really does feel like there is actual magic in the air.  

A Few Tips:

+ Only pack comfy shoes. Trust me you won't want to wear heels on these cobble stoned streets.

+ If you can, plan to go in either May or late September. I was there the last few days of September and the weather was lovely. Still very hot during the day but not too hot. Plus you'll get to stroll the narrow streets without large crowds.

+ Santorini is a never ending staircase. Everytime I walked somewhere I felt like I was working out. Prepare to be in decent to good shape if you want to get the most out of exploring this charming town.

+ The weather can get pretty windy. If you're planning to wear hats bring ones with strings so you can tie them. My hat blew off several times and every time I wished for strings.


Both days in Santorini I explored until I exhausted myself, then treated myself to gelato. My favorite place was Lolita's. I have a slight obsession with ice cream and this was the best gelato I've ever tasted.  


My last night was my favorite. After grabbing gelato with my new local friend, George, we jumped in a car and raced to catch the sunset at a nearby beach. Shortly we arrived at a black sand beach. I'd never been to a beach with black sand(or should I say pebbles) and I was excited to get to feel it under my feet. We walked, took pictures and sat in the cool night air. Watching the sun disappear and marveling as the sky changed colors. Staying until the stars began to pop into the sky one by one, beginning to give the sky a dreamy glow. This moment was better than anything I could have ever dreamed. I was in Greece, under the stars, at the beach with ice cream in my belly. It was quiet and at that moment nothing else was on my mind:)