DIY Sparkly Bottles

Can you guys believe tomorrow is NYE?!?! As always another year has flown by and because of that it is time to celebrate. It's party time! 

I found these amazingly cute and fun glittered out champagne bottles on pinterest and I just had to make a few for myself. If you love this idea as much as I do here's how I did it. It's sups easy!

1. Get some bubbly!

2. You'll also need Super 77 multi- purpose adhesive and some glitter. I found both at Joanne's crafts store. I'd also recommend latex gloves and something to put over your floor or table. Things are about to get messy!

3. Put on those gloves and spray on the adhesive. For best results spray a section at a time so the adhesive stays sticky.

4. Immediately sprinkle glitter on the area that sprayed. Repeat until the bottle is completely covered.

5. Wait until the bottles are completely dry and then put them on display:) *Don't worry about putting them on ice. Some glitter may fall off but that only makes your ice bucket much more festive;)

Happy New Year Everyone! Be safe and have fun!

Xoxo, Kali