Coachella- 7 Reasons to Splurge for VIP


Coachella was insane this year! It wasn't my first time attending but it was my first time going VIP style. . . And let me just say, AWE-MAZING!

7 reasons I absolutely recommend spending the extra $ :

1. You can totally just relax on the grass or join in on the dance party.

2. You have a great view of the main stage while having room to breath.

3. Shorter lines for booze, and more drink options.

4. You can drink anywhere in the VIP quarters.

5. There are like a ga-zillion options for food. Plus the lines aren't that long.

6. The celebrities! They are everywhere, walking by you, drinking  next to you, and dancing, dancing, dancing. A few of the celebs there this year were Kendall and Kylie Jenner,  Justin Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens,  Katy Perry, Fergie, Paris Hilton,  Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan,  victoria secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and many more. See more here ...

7. There wasn't 1 time I had to wait in line to pee. Yipee! That rarely happens even when I go out in LA. Ladies you feel me. Major score!

Do Coacheezy VIP style, you'll love it!


Your girl, Kali