Christmas Movie Night

Hi Guys! I hope you all are having the most fantastic December. For all you Christmas lovers/Celebraters I wanted to share with you a fun idea that is guaranteed to get all of your friends & loved ones in the jolly spirit of Christmas. This year the holidays really seemed to make me lazier than ever so I certainly didn't want to throw a party. I wanted to catch up with my friends, do something super chill, really fun and very Christmas-y. A pj, movie night was perfect. I got some eggnog & popcorn, baked & decorated some cookies, and for a little extra fun, I made a photo booth. Here are some pics from the night.

If you're curious how I made the Photo Booth here's how I did it:

1st- I used wrapping paper to make a base. I put up 3 rows and positioned them side by side(you could just use the wrapping paper as your photo booth and still have super cute pics. I may do that next year)

2nd- For texture I used scotch tape to put silver tinsel on top of the wrapping paper (I bought the tinsel from the 99 cent store. *you should know this was a bit time consuming. So make sure you have on a good movie and some wine or eggnog close by)

For my prop table I covered my regular table using gold wrapping paper. For props I used this kit -> . You can get the same one at bed bath and beyond, etsy also has some some really cute Christmas Photo Booth kits. For headbands I got 4 at michaels craft store for $10 each before finding a few super cute ones for only $1 at the 99 cent store. Go there 1st:) 

I almost didn't have a photo booth, because after all it was just a pj, movie night, but I'm so glad I did. Everyone had such a blast taking pics with all the props that we all almost forgot about the movie. lol. When movie time came we watched Elf:) My favorite. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better night. It was definitely one of my favorite nights of the year... Special shout out to my friends that shared this very Christmas-y evening with me. You guys are awesome. I love you. ... And for everyone reading I hope you have the very best christmas ever this year. 

Xoxo, Kali