Arriving in Mammoth

Have you ever been to Mammoth? I can finally say I have. This was my 1st time and it completely blew me away. Mammoth is one of those places that wasn't on my bucket list but now that I've seen it I can't wait to go back. . . I decided to fly instead of drive to save 5hrs each way. The flight alone was a beautiful experience. Plus it was only a hour and 20 minutes from LAX so that made me really happy.

As soon as you land you are immediately surrounded by beauty. Stunning mountains with piles of white powder.

I normally don't like taking pics fresh off of planes because I rarely put makeup on before flights and I often feel a bit gross after unboarding, but I was too excited for the snow to not snap a few right away. I don't remember the last time I saw snow. It's been years. I went to Chicago for Christmas last year and the weather while I was there was warmer than LA at the time. It was the weirdest thing. I bought a coat for the trip and everything and didn't even end up using it. Missing out on the snow then made me even more excited upon landing. 

I stayed at The Westin Monache Resort and it was one of my favorite places I've ever stayed at. I honestly couldn't imagine staying anywhere else while in mammoth. The staff was beyond helpful and everyone was extremely kind and welcoming. It was also super convenient. Everything you needed was close by, mostly walking distance but if you needed a ride anywhere the staff was very accommodating. They were very quick to offer rides. They even pick you up and drop you off at the airport(which is about 15 minutes away).

The 1st thing I did when I walked in my room, past the warmth of the toasty fireplace, was went out on the private patio and snapped the pic below. How beautiful is that view?!

I love heated pools and I'd never been swimming in the winter before. I almost dropped my bags and just jumped right in. But instead I changed and went exploring. . . I now knew exactly what my plans for later were:)

Across the street from the Westin was the village area which is really beautiful. There are all kinds of stores for shopping, a ton of restaurants, a bonfire that looks like it could be directly out of a magazine ad, and skybox gondolas that drop you off at the ski/snowboard area. After exploring a bit I hopped in a skybox gondola and went for a ride. The view from inside is great and bonus points for it being free.

 Here are a few pics from inside

I can't remember the last time I was this happy. I felt like a little kid at disneyland. I'd only gotten 3 hours of sleep and it didn't even phase me. I was high. High in a gondola and high on adrenaline. If you need some excitement in your life go for a trip. It doesn't have to be far. Little adventures have amazing power. Go somewhere and tell me about it. I'd seriously love that. I hope this post inspired you.

Xoxo, Kali