Casa Del Mar Mykonos

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been distracted with family, life and exciting new video content that I'll hopefully be able to share with you soon. 

Mykonos was the 2nd stop on my island hopping adventure. By the time I arrived I was exhausted, hungry and my muscles ached from travel. It was much of a relief that as soon as my plane landed there was someone waiting for me to take me directly to my hotel. Greece isn't always the most convenient country so when something is made easy for you you take note. As soon as you pull up to casa del mar, a lovely lady provides you with the beverage of your choice, explains what's available during your stay and provides you with a cell phone in case you need any further assistance, recommendations or help with anything. Yes, they give you a cell phone to use during your stay!! .. When she's finished she walks you up a short hill to the entrance of your villa, stopping to show you the gym, workout room with a pool and massage area. I soon as I discovered they had a personal masseuse I immediately made arrangements to get a massage as soon as I dropped my bags in my villa. The massage was heavenly. As soon as it was over the room service I had previously ordered was conveniently ready for me. Casa del Mar was so nice that it made it difficult to want to leave.  They had everything I needed and more. It was vacation at it's best. Here are some photos of the exterior and interior of their 2 bedroom private infinity pool villa. 

Your private outdoor patio area.. for relaxing and eating.

All 3 glass doors are yours. Ocean views from every room of your villa.. with shutters for when you want privacy.

Below is a photo of the hotel's private beach.

Thank You Casa del Mar for providing such lovely accommodations. Everything was truly perfection!

Mykonos Photo Diary

Magic doesn't begin to describe the way Mykonos makes you feel.. Some believe the island's aura of magic is due to it's close proximity to Delos(the sacred island of the God Apollo). Believe that or not but the feeling is undeniable.   Before my trip I was scared of island hopping a foreign country solo but the experience was unbelievable. Being able to do exactly what I wanted when I wanted was such a freeing experience. There wasn't a single moment I felt frightened. It was awesome. Here are some photos from Mykonos. *Shout out to the taxi driver who helped me out by being my photographer/tour guide for a couple of hours. You were great but you also totally ripped me off. Thanks!